Kalamazoo Paper Chemicals represents many major suppliers to industries around the world. These companies include  Bayer AG Germany, Wilkinson Kaolin Corp., Huygen Instruments, Cargill Inc., IGT Reprotest  and many others.

Product lines include a variety of Coating Chemicals and Additives, Kaolin Clay, Pulp and Paper Quality and Testing Instrumentation.


The Adams Wet Rub Tester has been designed for rapid testing of paper coatings. By applying a uniform moisture film to the sample, under repeatable friction conditions, the resistance to re-wetting and coating failure can be evaluated.

Inexpensive and simple to operate, the Adams Wet Rub Tester is one of the only methods, short of actual printing of paper stock, for the evaluation of coating integrity.

Wet rub testing is accomplished by placing a strip of the subject paper on the carrying roll which is placed with a constant (but adjustable) load against a soft drive roll which runs in a small bath.

The moisturizing bath usually contains water but it may be of interest to substitute such things as fountain solutions, alcohols, or other wetting agents which may be of concern to a specific grade.

The sample is run against the wetted drive roll for a specific period of time and the bath solution is collected. The resultant solution (suspension) can then be checked by weight, or optically, to evaluate coating removed into the bath.

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